Pet Dog Cat Grooming Hair Dryer Slicker Brush


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Plastic, Others
Package Size:

270 x 150 x 100 mm


1. Bass noise reduction: improve the air duct system, greatly reduce the sound, and let pets more at ease.

2. Lightweight and easy to master: streamlined handle, ABS lightweight material, both durable and lightweight.

3. The needle comb is made of stainless steel. It is environmentally friendly, flexible, and durable.

Product Details:
Color classification: Dry and wet dual-use, blowing and combing, dry and wet dual-use, blowing and combing (dark green)
Product information: ABS+ stainless steel comb material
Gear adjustment: 1st gear with stable wind speed / 2nd gear with strong wind speed
Heating temperature: ~45-65C

Package Contents:

Plastic Hair Dryer X1