Pet Grooming Brush


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The Pet Grooming Brush is a great accessory to have when your pooch is shredding coats throughout the year! We know that loose hair can sometimes be a real pain and you always find yourself constantly finding more and forever cleaning…annoying right? We have designed the perfect dog-friendly and 100% safe solution for you, in the form of a dog comb! Constructed with a robust plastic and a smoothed-over metal brush, the dog comb will not only remove excess dog hair but exfoliate dead skin from your pup, to keep them looking ‘dandruff’ free and fresh! 

 Robust materials – made with high-impact plastic for a long-lasting life span and a non-rust stainless steel 

 Remove loose hair – within a matter of minutes, your pooch will be free of all that excess hair

 Exfoliation – removal of dead skin to counteract the dandruff look and keeping them in tip top condition! 

 Multiple variants – we have designed the dog comb in two different sizes and in two different styles

Please note: (below) The large is on the right and the small is on the left.

Please note: (below) The large is on the left and the small is on the right.

As dog owners, we know that we like to keep our furry friends looking their best! So let’s give them a pamper, with the hair removal dog comb!