Electric Pet Hair Trimmer


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The Electric Pet Hair Trimmer will shave away those bad hair days for your pooch! It is packed with 3-6-9 and 12mm attachments so that you can trim your pups hair down to the perfect length! Constructed with stainless steel and combined with a rechargeable lithium battery, these are made to last! 

✓ 3-6-9-12 – all the attachments you need in order to get your pooch looking fresh!

✓ Powerful battery – rechargeable and made to last!

✓ Muted – the electric pet hair trimmer is made to ensure it’s quiet and doesn’t cause distress to your pup!

✓ Rotary cutter-head – precise trimming, right down to the millimeter!

✓ Charging light – letting you know when you are ready to go!

✓ Simple usage – one switch to turn on and off, easy as that!

We understand that dog barbers can cost a lot and see you going their monthly to keep your pup looking their best! With the electric pet hair trimmer, not only will you save money but you will be able to cut your pups hair, just the way you like it!