Hand In Life Rehabilitation Tool

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Rehabilitation training for patients with hand dysfunction:

hand flexibility training/promoting blood circulation/solving hand stiffness, speeding up the recovery process of hand function, helping rib users to relearn the brain nerves, accelerating brain recovery, supplementing nerve damage, and realizing patients Regain self-care ability from hands.

Bionic hand structure:
Intelligently imitate hand movements, imitate hand structure production, independent movement grasping, intelligently imitate hand grasping, extension and flexion, and other actions, alleviate hand spasm, stiffness, and other problems.

How long is it effective?
According to customer feedback, there will be obvious feelings within 15 days, and improvement will be seen within 2-3 months

Help self-repair:
Simultaneous movement of both hands can activate mirror neurons, replicating normal neural pathways from the hand to the affected area, thus promoting autonomous brain recovery

Applicable people:
Finger spasms, cerebral palsy, finger dysfunction caused by sequelae of cerebral infarction, etc. Restore the dual functions of fingers and hands; promote blood circulation.







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