LED Dog Collar


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This LED Dog Collar gives your dog GREAT visibility at night. This will improve both your and your dogs late-night walks. Not only will your dog be more easily visible by cars, cyclists, motorists and more; you’ll be able to easily find your pet if they go running off. Good for all weather conditions; water-repellent, rust-proof components, lightweight, strong, durable & built to last with only the best top quality!  USB Rechargeable that gives you hours of use. Made from Nylon.

LED powered collar – designed to help you and people around you, see your pooch in the dark

USB rechargeable – no batteries, simply plug in using a USB and charge up!

Waterproof – great for all seasons, all year round! 

Simple switch – easy to turn off and on with a simple click of a button

Whether it is day or night, the LED dog collar will keep your pup looking great and always seen. It is designed so that you never lose your dog with one simple click, so let’s turn on that light!