Polka Dot Dog Collar


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The Polka dot dog collar comes in a variety of colours to help match your favourite friends personality. They meet stylish with suitable due to our heavy duty leather collar integrated into our beautiful polka dot designs. They come with multiple studs for adjusting the collar to your pup as you please and being able to fit a finger between the collar and the dogs neck is recommended. The Polka dot dog collars are perfect for dogs of all sizes and will make them look adorable!ย 

Premium leather – to make sure it bends and sits comfortably around your pups neck whilst ensuring it lasts a long time

Adjustable – multiple studs so that it fits perfectly on your best friend!

Unisex – regardless of a girl or a boy, we have multiple colours to choose fromย 

Please note: All leads are standard 120cm in length and sold separately to the collars.

Truely a perfect gift for dogs. The Polka dot dog collar will complement any pup and make them look 10x cuter! (If that is even possible!)