Raised Cat Bowls


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The Raised Cat Bowls are a unique and effective design. It is made to ensure protection of your cats spinal structure and to reduce the chance of spinal and back injuries or issues later on in life. The raised feeder has two bowls for either multiple cats or food and water bowls or a singular bowl for your best friend! The bowls are angled towards your cat to not only give them a better dinner time experience but to give them a better posture to reduce injuries in future! 

✓ Long-lasting – the smart product is designed to last with the robust materials used! 

✓ Slanted bowl design and raised platform – to help prevent spinal and back issues later on in your best friends life


We know that, eating is necessary for everyday energy and sustainability for us and we do this the most comfortable way possible with the use of a dining table. With that, our cats are no different! So let’s keep them as comfortable as possible during meal times!