100Pcs Biodegradable Plant Grow Eco-Friendly Bag


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Introducing the 100Pcs Biodegradable Plant Grow Eco-Friendly Bag! This unique set of bags are perfect for any home or garden. The bags are made from a durable, water and drought resistant, self-absorbing, and corrosion-resistant material that is also biodegradable and breathable. They come in three colors: light grey, light green, and light yellow. The sizes range from 8cm x 10cm/3.14” x 3.93”, 10cm x 12cm/3.93” x 4.72”, 14cm x 16cm/5.51” x 6.30”. The bags are perfect for balcony gardens, afforestation projects, and flower nurseries. They can be buried in the soil and will naturally degrade, which can help prevent seedling deaths and transplants. With this set of 100 biodegradable bags, you can be sure that your garden and home are eco-friendly!

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Light Grey, Light Green, Light Yellow




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100Pcs Biodegradable Plant Grow Eco-Friendly Bag