Bluetooth 5.0 Led Stereo Rechargeable Warm Hat


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1、Excellent Music Experience: This Bluetooth beanie is an upgrade for ordinary music caps. This beanie features Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide smooth wireless music streaming, high-definition audio, this beanie can pair easily and quickly with all Bluetooth support devices.
2、Hands-free Flashlight: This beanie features an innovative design, and it features built-in 9 lamp beads to further enhance the lighting range and light intensity, and you do not need to be fixed like a traditional flashlight, you can wear it directly, free your hands.
3、Adjustable Brightness: Low light, strong light, red and blue flashing alternately, brightness can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment.
4、High-end thermal Materials: This music beanie is made of high-quality acrylic fabric, comfortable and breathable, elastic, one size is suitable for all men and women.
5、Wide Applications: This beanie is suitable for outdoor sports camping, mountain climbing, night fishing, cycling, running, walking, etc.
Excellent Music Experience: This Bluetooth beanie is an upgrade for ordinary music caps. This beanie features Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide smooth wireless music streaming, high-definition audio, this beanie can pair easily and quickly with all Bluetooth support devices.
Hands-free Flashlight: This beanie features an innovative design, and it features built-in 9 lamp beads to further enhance the lighting range and light intensity, and you do not need to be fixed like a traditional flashlight, you can wear it directly, free your hands.
Adjustable Brightness: Low light, strong light, red and blue flashing alternately, brightness can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment.
High-end thermal Materials: This music beanie is made of high-quality acrylic fabric, comfortable and breathable, elastic, one size is suitable for all men and women.
Wide Applications: This beanie is suitable for outdoor sports camping, mountain climbing, night fishing, cycling, running, walking, etc.

Lamp beads: 9
3 levels of brightness:
Press once: white light is always on (low light)
Press twice: the white light is always on (strong light)
Press thrice: red and blue flashing light
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Applicable time: 12 hours (under low light conditions)

Packing List:
1*Bluetooth Beanie
1*USB Charging Cable