Desktop Puzzle Dice Game Penguin Icebreaker


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Desktop Puzzle Dice Game Penguin Icebreaker

Product Information:

1. The best birthday gift for children
can promote parent-child interaction
and help train hand-eye coordination.

2. Penguin board game toys are made of environmentally friendly plastic materials, which are
safe, non-toxic, tasteless and durable
. Children can play with confidence.

3. Penguin toy set is a classic competitive game that
encourages strategic thinking and cultivates children’s logical thinking ability.

4. The penguin toy set has penguins of different colors and shapes, which are cute and easy to attract children’s attention.

5. Two-to-four player game mode, adults can form a team to
strengthen parent-child interaction.

6. The bright appearance and simulated penguin shape easily attract children’s attention, and the smooth edges
without burrs will not hurt your hands


Walk your 4 colorful penguins along the game board. The first player to “place” all his 4 penguins will win the game. When you pass the ice bridge, be careful not to let them fall.

Before starting the game

Combine the “back” color with white and “front” white, and put all the penguins together until all 16 penguins are installed.

Match the holes on the game board with the nails on the bridge to build 4 ice bridges and look at the game pictures on the box to see what the board looks like.

When the bridge is in place by sliding the movable gap, make sure that the gap in the bridge is closed.

Each player chooses 4 penguins of the same color, stands near the corner of the board, puts his 4 colored penguins in the 4 gaps farthest from the center, and places the extra penguins outside the board.

play games

Each player rolls the dice in order, and the player with the smallest number starts the game clockwise with the other players. You must roll 666 to remove the penguin from the corner, and once you reach 666, you have the right to roll the dice.

After throwing 66′, take a penguin from the corner and place it in the middle of the free space in front of you. Roll the dice again and move the penguin clockwise across the game board according to the numbers on the dice to give the player the next chance.

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