Pet Dog Bath Brush Comb Silicone SPA Massage Brush Shower Sprinkler Hair Removal


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It is a combination of bath and massage.ย Suitable for dogs and cats (medium to large). Elastic cleaning brush and massage brush, gently massage, thoroughly clean the pet’s skin and hair, do not harm the fur and skin. Proper water pressure will make your pet’s bath more pleasant. The ergonomically designed showerhead fits comfortably in the hand and allows one-handed handling. Humanized water lock switch facilitates water flow control. When massaging or using shampoo, turn up the round softcover, which can achieve a better cleaning massage effect. When rinsing water, put down the softcover to prevent water from splashing into your pet’s eyes, nose, and ears. Universal connector, so it can be taken in the bathroom, garden, or anywhere you have running water. Please note that Hoses are not included.


Material: plastic + soft rubber

Please note that Hose length: 2m (to be purchased separately)

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