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The PETKIT Bowl is a complete game changer when it comes to looking after your pups diet! This smart digital dog bowl will weigh your poochs food ensuring they are getting just the right amount every meal, completely automatically! It has been constructed with anti-bacterial material to ensure common germs are eliminated, making it 3 times safer than your average dog bowl. The average lifespan of the product is 2 years (only because that’s how long the batteries last) but some simple AAA alkaline batteries will kick-start it, for another two years! This waterproof product will protect your furry friend from nasty bugs whilst letting you know they are eating the right amount and staying strong and healthy! 

Anti-bacterial material – protecting your pup from common bugs, diarrhea etc.

Long-lasting – the smart product is designed to use your standard AAA batteries at a prolonged state for up to 2 years

Waterproof – whilst this product has some electric functions, it is completely waterproof!

Food weighing – as soon as you pour the delicious meal into the bowl, it will immediately start weighing the food and display the weight at the top of the bowl

As dog owners, we want our pups to be happy, healthy and strong all the time and for as long as possible! Standard dog bowls can hold multiple germs which can cause several stomach bugs and diarrhea, which is the last thing we want! We say no to seeing our pup in discomfort, do you?! 


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