Snack Bag Heat Sealer

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Do you go hungry to the supermarket and beside your regular groceries you end up buying some extra snacks? 
We all do this and it’s fine, as long as we can control the snacking and save some doritos for later. But how? 

Snacks are not meant to be put into tupperware because the container ends up all colored & greasy, and you can never really wash them properly.
So the best place to leave snacks for later is … wait for it…. just their original bag. 

How do you do that – you might say?  – With a Snack Bag Heat Sealer
This snack bag sealer is super handy, you can close a bag of snacks in seconds. 

How does it work?

Sealing the bag:
Push the button, hold it for 4 -5 seconds so it heats up the filament then you pull it across the snack bag, 
and voilà – your snacks are safe and ready for your ‘snack attack’ time. 

Opening the bag:
To open your snacks again, pull out the folding opener that comes out the side of the sealer. When it’s out, swipe it across the bag with a zipping motion to open the bag up again. 

This Snack Bag Heat Sealer has a 1300 mAh battery, which when fully charged can last up to 6 months at a charge with normal use.
So there is no need to charge it that often. When the battery is fully charged little LED will turn on and your snack sealer is ready to use.
Charging is done via USB cable to charging port, cable is included.

After you’re done using it, this sealer has a strong magnet on it’s back so you can just put it aside on your fridge – so it’s always there at the reach of your hand. 

Of course, you can use it to seal some other bags instead of just snack bags. 

Happy snacking!

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Snack Bag Heat Sealer
£35 Original price was: £35.£25Current price is: £25.