Teeth Cleaning Suction Pully

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The Teeth Cleaning Suction Pully will suck down onto any flat surface and keep a strong firm hold whilst your pooch pulls for hours! This awesome design is for dog owners with; arthritis, elderly or bad wrists/hands as you can still reap all the benefits and keep your pup entertained whilst playing! The Teeth Cleaning Suction Pully is designed to help clean your dog’s teeth whilst pulling on the ball. The ball has distinct grooves which will target your dogs molars and get into the smallest of cracks to remove excess food or dirt.

Suction cup – easily planted onto any flat surface and will keep a strong firm hold during play time!

Unique design – to help elderly or people with conditions like arthritis or bad wrists/hands

Teeth cleaning ball – constructed with distinct grooves to target your dogs molars and to help remove excess food and/or dirt

What you can do – add dog toothpaste to the inner of the teeth cleaning ball for increased targeting of your pups teeth! Also dog treats can be used to fill the ball, so as they play, they can also get rewarded for pulling on the ball! 

Built-in bell – yes we have integrated a bell on the inside of the ball to keep their attention! 

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As dog owners, we know that our an energetic pup can majority of the time out-last us with energy! So we designed the Teeth Cleaning Suction Pully so that even when we are out of energy, they can still keep on playing!