Tactical Cat Harness


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The Truelove Cat Harness is the perfect balance of stylish and suitable! Every harness has the amazing 3M reflective button embedded, so your cat can be seen at all times regardless of the time of day! These are designed to stop your adventurous cat from pulling and give you 100% control during walkies! We have added a quick release buckle making it simple and efficient when suiting up before adventures and combined these with adjustable straps to ensure that these will fit even the biggest of cats!   


✓ No pulling – designed to give you complete control during walkies by positioning the steel D ring at the centre of your cats mass!

✓ Quick-release buckle – durable and efficient! making life easier to quickly put on before adventures!

✓ Premium nylon blend – non-irritative, comfortable and breathable! 

Size guide:


There is nothing like having a long walk and your cat is ticking all the boxes! These are perfect for training, daily walks and long adventures! Stop the pulling, the Paw Pals way!