Wine Aerator


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You could buy most expensive bottle of wine, but if you don’t aerate it and decant it in a proper manner, the experience will always be just a bit short of excellence! 
Every wine needs to be exposed to air in order to reveal that hidden world full of aromas and flavor.

Why does aerated wine taste better?

The dynamic duo of oxidation and evaporation which both occur while aerating wine – will eliminate certain elements in your wine while enhancing others at the same time. As a result, your wine will smell and taste a lot better.

Aerating wine – especially red wine – helps begin that same process of softening tannins and rounding out textures. At the very least, it refreshes the wine and perks it up. It makes simple sense because that wine has been locked up in a bottle for some time, at least a year, generally more.

Our Wine Aerator does exactly that, but with a push of a button, and without any mess included.

Just put the straw on its bottom part, insert it in a bottle, and press the button. It will lead wine through an oxidation spiral inside the main container part, and the shoot it out and twist it through the ‘beak’ of the aerator.
On its way down to your glass – wine will get its last dose of air, and then it’s ready for you to enjoy it. 

Our Wine Aerator will be a great conversation piece, a great gift, and a useful addition to your next wine tasting/drinking event!

Stay classy!

Note: Wine aerator works on 4 regular AA batteries, one set of batteries will aerate over 120 bottles of wine.

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